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Guide to food and cuisine in Berlin and Germany

Guide to food in Berlin and Germany

German food and cuisine is testament to its distinctive culture and is varied in its specialties and each region of Germany has its own dishes and styles of cooking. Visitors to Germany are sure to enjoy German food as the cuisine has many unique flavours and involves special methods of cooking.

German cuisine involves variety of dishes from fried food, to soups, to baked dishes and desserts. The Germans are very fond of using meat and potatoes in their diet and visitors will find that a large portion of their dishes involve these two items. Beer is also a major portion of the German meal and both visitors and locals alike will surely enjoy this German food and sausagesparticular portion of German food. Another popular alcoholic beverage is Steinhager which is a juniper brandy.

Germany is best known for its meat and potato dishes including:

Sausages make up a large portion of German cosine and are used in many dishes. Some of the popular dishes include Westphalia ham, Wurst, Tafelspitz and Sauerbraten.

Himmel und Erde is a local favourite and is translated “Heaven and Earth.” This is one dish that you will either love or hate as it consists of apple and potato puree with a topping of blood sausage. Rabbit stew is a popular dish with tourists and is well flavoured with vegetables and some spices.

The world famous black forest cake made with chocolate, cherries, whipped cream and grated chocolate can trace its roots to this country as the delicious Schwarzwalder. In addition to this, there are many other famous German desserts that tourists will enjoy just as well.

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