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The Benefits of Learning a Language Before You Travel

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There are few things in life as exciting as heading off to a foreign country for a bit of fun and adventure. These are the types of trip which make a year of working hard really worthwhile. However, if you have never considered learning a foreign language before you travel then you might like to check out these benefits.

Save Money

Let’s look at an example here. Say you are in a big touristy city and you want to see a particular monument or museum which is quite far from the hotel. If you don’t speak the local language then the most likely approach for you to take is that of hopping in a taxi, which is something which could end up costing you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you can speak to the locals then you will feel comfortable about asking for directions and seeking out a cheaper form of transport.

Make New Friends

Most of us would like to speak to the locals when we visit a different land but it isn’t always so easy, is it? The language barrier is usually enough for us to restrict ourselves to a polite smile and a nod. However, this would change dramatically if you could speak to them in their language and share a joke and a few stories. People all over the planet love to see foreigners try to speak their language and you are sure to be made welcome if you make the effort.

Quicker Learning

We hear a lot these days about immersion learning. This is when the student goes to a country to learn the local language rather than studying it at home. It is a fantastic approach and a wonderful way of learning while have some fun. However, unless you have a huge amount of weeks at your disposal then you will probably run out of time to learn everything you want before it is time to go home again. A better approach is to learn the basics before you go away and then use your immersion learning period to hone your skills. For example, if you want German courses London offers you the chance to get a good level of knowledge before you head over to Germany.

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