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Family holiday accommodation in Berlin (self catering rentals)

Berlin family short-term accommodation

When one is travelling with family, it is very important to choose the right kind of accommodation to ensure that everyone has a fun trip. There are a number of different factors to take into consideration, especially if the family in question involves children, elders with special needs and pets.

Berlin is a very family friendly city and to this end, there are a number of holiday accommodation options available that cater especially to families with children.

Normally, people travelling with their family prefer to stay at rental apartments or condos, since these accommodation options are not only cheaper than hotels, but are also more convenient, especially if there are a number of children in the group. There are different Berlin family rentaltypes of apartment options throughout Berlin that are available at different prices and sizes.

The rent on these holiday rentals is usually charged by week, although a daily rate break-up is also available. The other advantage of a holiday rental is that it allows for self-catering, which is especially useful for families on a budget vacation.’

Depending on the family’s interests, it is a good idea to choose the holiday accommodation close to the attractions that may be of interest. Since Berlin has a wide selection of holiday rentals, it should not be difficult to find an accommodation once the area is chosen, that is best suited to the individual or family’s needs. 

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