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Berlin is currently one of the most visited wellness destinations in Germany, with the city home to more than 40 wellness centres. Wellness and spa enthusiasts can purchase day passes at different wellness centres in the city and this pass will typically give bearers access to state-of-the-art gyms, saunas, spas, swimming pools and many other wellness amenities.

Centrovital Wellness Hotel - One of the top wellness facilities in Berlin is the Centrovital Wellness Hotel in Brauereihof. This four star hotel and spa is Wellness and sauna in Berlin, Germanyconveniently situated near the Tegel Airport and is ideal for visitors entering the city. A taxi ride from the airport to the hotel will typically take around 15 minutes. The Centrovital Wellness Hotel offers their guests fitness and spa facilities. The hotel also boasts a fully equipped gymnasium, a solarium and a salt-water pool. Guests can also relax on the hotels large terrace while dining on expertly prepared healthy dishes.

Saltero Salz Spa - Wellness enthusiasts can also choose to visit the Saltero Salz Spa located in Meinekestr. The Saltero Salz Spa is the country’s first salt spa that specialises in recuperative therapy. The spa boasts of two white salt rooms renowned for their curative properties. Salt spas are especially effective for people suffering from asthma.

Grand Hyatt Berlin - The Grand Hyatt Berlin is also a worthwhile stop for people in search of wellness treatments. The hotel offers guests one of the most luxurious spa experiences in the city.

Meridian Spa and the Oriental Sultan Hamam - Tourists can also pass by the Meridian Spa and the Oriental Sultan Hamam. The Meridian Spa is well known for its excellent customer service and massage services. The Oriental Sultan Hamam, on the other hand, is considered to be the best Turkish spa in the whole of Berlin.

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