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Nearly 2 million Britons visit Germany every year, with the vast majority of visits enjoyed with no problems arising. However there are number of incidents where people travelling have required some kind of medical treatment or been caught up with the police. For this reason it is important you are adequately covered with travel insurance so that you avoid any possible costs or expenses.

You should try and get a minimum level of medical insurance that will cover you for your stay, as well as obtaining a European Health Insurance Card. A EHIC will only cover you for minor treatment and emergencies when in Germany or other EU countries and extra medical cover will be required to avoid further expenses if treatment is required. The card also does not cover repatriation costs or on-going treatment if required during your stay.

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If purchasing travel insurance to visit Germany, it is important that you have third-party private liability cover as part of any policy purchased. This will provide cover any act that may be deemed ordinarily negligent in German law. This is vital as there is no ceiling to the level of compensation that can be awarded to individuals who claim against you. This can include incidents that damage property or cause injury and that may have occurred entirely innocently. An example is causing an accident by not crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing causing cars to stop suddenly or swerve causing an accident.

In relation to this is it may also be useful obtaining legal assistance cover that will protect you if you do require any legal representation whilst in the country, especially if you do not speak the language. A policy that includes this should cover court fees and attorney a fee if needed as well as court and witness costs that may be incurred.

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