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There are a number of articles, news stories and guides on this site. Below a brief on some of the best and a quick link to each.

5 Best Museums - for the editors choice on five of the best museums in the city.

Berlin Day trips and tours - learn about some of the best options for a day outside the city.

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Cheap Flights to Berlin - check out the budget flights page for a guide on airlines to and from Berlin.

Car hire is a good way to go if you plan on also outside of Berlin during your stay.

A great option if you want to see the city at your own pace is to hire a bicycle and then to do a personalised city tour.

Having appropriate travel insurance cover for your trip to Berlin can save you a lot of problems in the long term.

Berlin Metro underground system though is extensive, relatively cheap and efficient so if staying in the city, this can suffice.

The tram system is also very good though and the trains excellent for inter city travel.

If short on time and wanting to see something, the Zoological Gardens are excellent and Unter den Linden is a place to relax.

Make sure also to read our thoughts on why Berlin is worth visiting all year round and what the city has to offer.

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