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As the German capital, Berlin is served by a number of train systems including:

These rail systems allow travel between Berlin and other European cities, as well as travel to and from destinations within the city.

Most train trips to Berlin from cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Zurich will cost you about 29 Euros. The city runs trains to these locations on a daily basis and is a favoured mode of travel among backpackers and students. Berlin is also connected to distant cities like Moscow, Warsaw, and Kaliningrad via long haul trains. These long distance trains exit Berlin via the Bahnhof Lichtenberg in the eastern part of the city. There are also a number of smaller train operators, like the Veolia, that offer comfortable trips to other cities in the Train station and ticketscountry.

Travel by train is one of the more economic alternatives to getting around Berlin. Berlin is divided into a number of zones and the routes between the A and B zones are considered to be the most frequented by tourists. Standard rail tickets between A and B that are valid for 2 hours or alternatively, one way tickets can be purcahsed.

It is recommended that tourists purchase one day passes or a Berlin CityTourCard, which comes with a map of Berlin’s train systems. Other train passes designed for tourists include the Berlin WelcomeCard, which costs around 16 to 21 Euros and is valid for 2 to 3 days, and the Berlin CityTourCard Museumsinsel, which allows tourists to travel to most of the museums in the city.

Train travel in Berlin is both affordable and reliable. The city government also runs a costumer service program that helps give tourists information on how to get around the city.

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