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Budget flights and airlines to Berlin guide

Budget flights and airlines to Berlin guide

The independent Irish airline, RyanAir, provides budget flights to Berlin from Birmingham International Airport and Stansted Airport.

The main budget German airlines are Germanwings which flies from London Stansted Airport to Berlin, and AirBerlin which is the most popular of the budget German airlines. AirBerlin is considered a budget airline on cost but it still offers a very good on-board service that includes seat allocations, newspapers, meals and non-alcoholic drinks. AirBerlin operates routes to London Stansted, Manchester, Rome, Paris, Zurich, Oporto and Madrid.

There are several very good airlines that offer budget flights from the UK to Berlin and top of the list has to be EasyJet which flies to Berlin from Gatwick and Luton airports. EasyJet also offers flights to Berlin from the following cities:

Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, when Germany was a divided country, was the principal airport that served East Berlin and the DDR. Berlin-Schönefeld Airport lies to the south of Berlin and although it is not as conveniently located for Berlin as Tegel Airport, there is a good rail service between Berlin-Schönefeld Airport and Berlin, whereas Tegel Airport can only be reached by road.

Trains to Berlin from Schönefeld Airport run every thirty minutes and the journey time is also about thirty minutes. Because of the extra distance from Berlin, Berlin-Schönefeld Airport is usually the airport that is used by the budget airlines.

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