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Berlin is a city that can be easily explored on a bicycle and as a result many tourists opt to hire cycles and tour the city when on holiday here. Getting around by bicycle is still considered to be one of the best vehicles for tourists who want to explore the beautiful culture and heritage of the place.

One of the biggest draws of exploring Berlin on a cycle is that unlike other large European cities, the topography of Berlin is fairly flat. There are very few climbs and slopes and this allows bikers to traverse the length and breadth of the city without much difficulty. Also, most large avenues have their own independent cycle track as well.

Bikers must compulsorily use tracks marked with a blue cycle sign for cycling and not bike on roads in these areas. In other areas bikers are usually allowed to choose between the Berlin bike tourscycle tracks and the roads for biking. Most maps of Berlin also depict bicycle connectivity between popular tourist destinations.

There are several operators who conduct bicycle tours in Berlin and these bicycle tours can be enjoyed either with or without the help of a guide or in small groups, which is especially useful for groups of travellers living together. Helmets can be procured at the payment of a small fee, although some operators do provide them for free. Cycle rental company operators normally offer bicycle tours in multiple routes while some of them also offer themed tours. The ‘Call A Bike’ system is a useful way to hire a bicycle while in the city. People need to simply enter in their mobile number and summon a bicycle to their location.

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