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Berlin airports guide. Tegel International & Schonefeld airport

Tegel International & Schonefeld airport - Berlin airports guide

Berlin has two main airports that travellers use to gain access into the city, namely, Tegel International Airport and Schonefeld airport. Of these two airports, the Tegel International Airport is more popular and is frequently used by holiday makers visiting Berlin.

Since Berlin was split into two sections during the cold war, the city has two airports. One airport facility is in the East side of Berlin and the other is in the West side. Tegel International Airport can be found in the North West part of the city.

Schonefeld is Berlin’s second airport located in the south eastern side of the city. This is where most low-cost airlines land and take off. Schonefeld is connected to the S-Bahn and travellers can use the train to get to other parts of the city.

Visitors should have no trouble moving to and from the airport and the city owing to Berlin’s well developed and efficiently organised transport system. The city’s well developed transport system Tegel airportis well connected to both airports and visitors should face no hassles in getting to their destinations.

From Tegel International Airport, travellers can choose to take the bus, a taxicab, or they can opt to rent a car. Buses are relatively affordable and very accessible. Taxicabs, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive but are very convenient.

Both airports offer car parking facilities and visitors can make car parking bookings with Schonefeld airport in advance. Travellers who wish to tour the city by automobile can hire a car directly from the Tegel International Airport and begin their holiday immediately.

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