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Berlin Trams system - Straßenbahn

Berlin Tramway - Straßenbahn

The trams in Berlin are mostly located in former East Berlin and visitors who wish to travel and sightsee in East Berlin can make use of this option. At last count in Berlin the Straßenbahn (tram system also called tramway) has twenty two lines and these cover a large area.

Running for almost 80 years, this is a popular form of transport with locals and is a convenient way to get around. Many of the trams have in recent years have been replaced and new clean and futuristic looking bright yellow/orange trams surf he city of Berlin.

There is detailed information on the Tram routes in Berlin from the BVG (The Berliner Trams systemVerkehrsbetriebe) website and with an English version.

Berlin Tram extra information

Some quick points about the Berlin trams system:

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