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5 Berlin local attractions, Germany

5 Berlin local attractions, Germany

Berlin boasts many excellent attractions and sightseeing locations that tourists from all over the globe flock to visit. Some of the best attractions in Berlin include the:

The Reichstag is one of Berlin’s most famous historical monuments and is a must visit location. This building tells the story of Berlin’s past and hosts a picture of a soldier from the Red Army raising the Soviet flag which has today come to symbolise the end of the Reich.

Another famous attraction in Berlin is the Bradenburger Tor or Bradenburger Gate which is a symbol of a united Berlin. This gate was built by Carl Gotthard and was constructed after the fall of the wall that once separated both East and West Berlin.

The Charlottenburg Palace or the Schloss Charlottenburg is a beautiful architectural construction that as built in stages. This is by far the largest palace in the city of Berlin and was originally intended to be a summer retreat for the royals. Today, the palace is a tourist hotspot and visitors are allowed to Art forum at Berlin Messetake walks through the palace park as the royals once would have.

Visitors will also enjoy a walk along the Nikolaiviertel or the St. Nicholas quarter. This is a small historical district located near the Spree River. This district houses one of the oldest churches in Berlin along with many other old architectural masterpieces that stand testament to the history of Berlin.

In addition to these attractions, Berlin also has several other interesting locations that tourist will enjoy visiting.

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