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5 Saunas You Must Try In Berlin, Germany

Berlin offers plenty of world-class saunas and steam baths for travellers looking to relax and de-stress. Berlin culture also expects naturism style in terms of clothing with clothes not normally accepted in the saunas here. In Berlin, saunas are viewed more as a fun, group activity and most saunas discourage the use of bathing suits in its rooms. Some of the 5 most popular saunas in Berlin are mentioned below.

1. Liquid Room Sauna - This sauna has been named as among the top 50 saunas worldwide by ‘Wellness and Sauna UK’. It is centrally located and there is a choice of several sauna and steam rooms that you can pick from. A large floatation pool Thermen Europa Centerequipped with colour therapy lighting is the highlight of this sauna.

2. Arena Badeschiff - The Arena Badeschiff is a sauna meant for the health conscious. It is situated on the Spree River adjacent to the Arena club and comes alive on winter evenings with a delightful little café. The swimming pool opens out into the Spree.

3. Stadtbat Neukölln - A very affordable bath and sauna institution, the Stadtbat Neukölln promises to transport their clients to a bygone Roman era with their unique architecture and Roman baths. There are 8 saunas and steam rooms to choose from, including herbal steam rooms and two swimming pools.

4. Stadtbat Schoenberg - The Stadtbat Schoenberg has an outdoor swimming pool completely equipped with state of the art features like flumes and an aqua gym.

5. Thermen Europa Center - There are four separate saunas and steam rooms to choose from here, apart from spa pools, a swimming pool and a Damfbad. There is also another sauna room in a garden setting which is closed during mid-winter.

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