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5 Tourist things for families in Berlin

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There are a number of things to do in Berlin when you are travelling with children. These tourist activities listed below are ideally suited for families, whether large or small.

1. Tiergarten – This is easily one of Berlin’s most family friendly public parks and is a great place for people of all ages. The Tiergarten is a great place for a picnic, a glimpse into Berlin’s history or just an evening of relaxation

2. Boat Ride – Families visiting Berlin will definitely enjoy a boat ride through the canals of Berlin and the River Spree. There are three hour boat rides that are available from a number of different tourist operators.

3. Fernsehturm on Alexanderplatz – This refers to a magnificent TV tower in Berlin, which is one of the tallest of its kind in the world. Visitors will be able to go to the top of the Family traveltower and even eat at the revolving restaurant on its top.

4. Brandenberg Gate – This is located near the Tiergarten, but it is a separate tourist destination by itself. There is even a plaza nearby which is a great place to take children.

5. Citadel in Spandau – The citadel is one of the oldest buildings in Berlin. It is also home to the Juliusturm, which is the emblem of Spandau. Today, the citadel is a popular attraction for artists and traders.

Visiting Berlin for the Art Forum

The Art Forum at Berlin is a popular meeting of artists from around the world. The exhibition started in the year 1995 and since then has become an annual event that attracts some of the biggest names in the art world.

The International Art show features over 100 of the most important galleries from across some of the best centers for art in the world. These galleries present art from the last 50 years, starting with the year 1960 until the present. The event is attended by thousands of art lovers from around the world, ranging from museum directors, art dealers, curators of some of the top museums, collectors and artists.

The Art Forum represents a different kind of art forms, whether it is installation, drawings, paintings, photographs or even graphical and performance arts. There are even some sections that cater exclusively to video art. Also, there are different sectors incorporated into the Art Forum, like the young art sector, the exterior space art sector and others for art magazines and cultural institutions.

As part of the Berlin Art Forum, there is a daily discussion by panel members that is open to members of the public. The panel discusses various issues surrounding art and the problems facing art collections and exhibitions. This panel discussion is one of the most important features of the exhibition.

Berlin as a city is worth visiting no matter what time of year it is, with a wide range of museums, attractions, parks, wellness centres and some of the world's best bars. This is a great city in which to spend a few days or even weeks and it is hard not to take to Berlin. On an annual basis, there are literally hundreds of excellent exhibitions and in a city such as Berlin, you get the chance to see the very art, exhibits and shows.

Getting to Berlin, Germany tends to be relatively easy with connections via the international airport, by rail from across Europe and by road. Most German cities have direct to Berlin and in terms of holiday and vacation accommodation; there is an abundance of choice with hotels, youth hostels, boutique hotels and holiday rentals all options for your stay.

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