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Guide To Nightlife In Berlin

Berlin has some of the most trendy nightclubs and pubs in Germany that gives the city a vibrant and thriving night life. Several new music trends are born in Berlin’s numerous night clubs almost on a daily basis as the city has an open minded social acceptance that permits the growth and sustenance of multiple music styles and dance cultures.

Berlin’s KitKat club, made famous by the Hollywood movie Cabaret and its equally popular owner Lisa Minnelli, is iconic on the night club scene. Visitors are required to dress according to the prevailing theme for the night, with the focus being on over the top and eccentric themes.

Berlin’s own Berghain nightclub in Friedrichshain was chosen as the best techno night club in the world by a British magazine “DJ Mag”.  Berlin’s nightclubs are not bound by a closing hour; and hence the scope for entertainment is immense.

Nightlife and nightclubsFor the more demure traveller, a night walk is a brilliant idea to soak in Berlin’s pulsating nightlife without actually being an active participant in it. The Prenzlauer Berg, the Friedrichshain, the Hackesche Höfe and the Kreuzberg are popular avenues for night walks.

There are quaint restaurants that dot the scene in these areas. Walking is an excellent way to take a closer look at many of the popular pubs in the city. A visit to a bar to have a drink with friends is a great way to kick start the night in the city on any given day.

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