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Museum Berggruen Berlin (best museums guide)

The Berggruen Museum in Berlin was founded by Heinz Berggruen, a famous art collector in Germany. The museum first opened in 1996 and featured most of his collection as a private exhibition and is located opposite the Charlottenberg Palace in the Western Stuler Building. It is one of the most important museums of art in the world and focuses mainly on the classical modernism style of paintings. There are also a number of sculptures in the museum that were also part of Heinz Berggruen’s collection.

The museums exhibits contain a number of works of Henri Matisse, Picasso and Paul Klee, which are thought to be the main attractions. However, the museum also has an extensive collection of Laurens, Giacometti and Braque as well as other leading painters of the era. The museum’s collection includes Giacomett’s famous “Standing Woman III”, Berggruen Museumwhich is considered to be one of his masterpieces. The display pieces alone contain over 100 works of art by Pablo Picasso and the collection of his paintings ranges from his early paintings during his days as a student through to his later pieces from the ‘70s.

Apart from this, there are over 60 pieces of Klee’s work and a number of pieces by Henri Matisse as well. The museum is open to public through the year from Tuesday to Sunday. The working hours of the museum are from 10 am to 6 pm. More information on the Berggruen museum Berlin for further times and costs. 

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