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International Green Week Berlin

Normally taking place in the month of January annually, International Green Week Berlin is a weeklong exhibition. It is officially the biggest fair in the world that showcases horticulture, food and agriculture and organised by the Messe Berlin, this event takes place at Messeglande Berlin.

During the week of International Green Week, there are a large number of companies who set up stalls at the exhibition in order to launch various food items and establish themselves in the market. The exhibits are generally themed based on region, product or country and the stalls feature various types of dairy products, meats, fish and fresh International Green weekproduce.

Another major feature of the International Green Week includes the BIO MARKT, which is the section for organic produce and direct sales of agricultural produce. Apart from the food, the event also features various wine and spirit producers. This means that visitors will have a chance to sample excellent beer, wine and spirits at the exhibition in conjunction with the food on offer.

Every year, the International Green Exhibition has a different theme; past themes include Livestock Breeding and Production or Renewable Resources. The IGW has helped develop the agriculture, horticulture and food markets in Eastern and Central Europe. The exhibition was established in the first half of the 20th century in the year 1926 and is a tradition that has been carried on ever since.

Learn more about International Green Week from the official Green week website.

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