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Water Music Summer Open-Air Festival

Water Music Festival in Berlin

During the month of June every year, the city of Berlin comes alive to the Water Music Summer open air festival. This festival takes place at the House of World Cultures or the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, which is located on the waterfront of the Spree River in Berlin. The official address of the venue is 10 John-Foster-Dulles-Allee and it is considered to be a Water music festivalgreat location for this music festival.

Every year, there is a different theme for this festival. For example, the 2009 festival was based on the theme “Caribbean Vibes.” The various themes indicate the kind of music that will be played during the 17 days of the festival. The theme of the program also controls the kinds of acts and the variety of the entertainment that is provided. This festival is well attended by thousands of music lovers, both from Germany as well as from other countries around the world.

The Water Music summer open air Festival consists of various types of performance arts, which include poetry and book readings, drama and a number of concerts that make the whole experience complete. 

Tickets for the various concerts and shows can be purchased either at the venue or at the Berlin Tourist office, which is located at Am Karlsbad 11. Since the show is extremely popular, it is a good idea to book the tickets well in advance for this Berlin summer festival. 

Date: June annually.

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