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Guide to the Temporary Gardens, Berlin

The Temporary Gardens, or Temporäre Gärten as it is known in Berlin, is a competition that offers architects, landscape professionals, artists and students of related disciplines a platform to showcase their skills.  

The concept of the Temporary Gardens was first applied in 1997, by Berlin landscape artists Marc Pouzol and Daniel Sprenger. The competition aims to discover, explore and exploit the potential of the city of Berlin in terms of space and design. The Temporary Gardens competition encourages both the participants and the public to look at spaces with a new perspective and to find new ways to enhance those spaces.

Temporary Gardens takes place over four days in the early part of July, and during this time, certain areas in Berlin are enhanced by the setting up of art installations and interesting performances. The Temporary Gardens selects spaces like old parks, alleys and street corners that are viewed with indifference or disfavour by the pubic. Berlin gardensContestants of the Temporary Garden are required to transform such spaces into artistic gardens to make people look at normal things differently. This is one of the most interesting and thought-provoking artistic competitions in Europe.  

In addition to funding from the work done by Pouzol and Sprenger, the Temporary Gardens is supported by various volunteers who help to structure and arrange the competition every year. The Temporary Gardens Committee invites ideas from architects, landscape designers and artists, and shortlists twenty contestants. Participants have to bear the costs of creating the installation, or find financial support themselves, and must work closely with the Temporary Gardens Committee for several weeks.  

Temporary Gardens also features musical programmes, talks and other events; guided tours of the installations are also available.  

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