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Guide to the annual JazzFest Berlin

Jazzfest Berlin

The JazzFest Berlin or the Berlin Jazz Festival is one of the oldest celebrations of Jazz in the country. It was started in 1964 and was called Berliner Jazztage which means the Berlin Jazz Days. For over four decades, the JazzFest in the city has worked to enthral audiences, both local and international, with some interesting Jazz concerts.

The annual JazzFest is a celebration of Jazz that is considered to be one of the world’s best jazz festivals. It is held annually in the months of October and November. The Jazz festival is seen as a way to “to document, support, and validate trends in jazz, and to mirror the diversity of creative musical activity.”

The festival was started by the Berliner Festspiele which is an arts centre that has helped promote various arts and culture in Berlin. This organization was started in 1951 in West Berlin and is closely linked with many of theBerlin Jazzfest more popular festivals in the city. Initially, this festival was also associated with Germany’s Jazz Pope, Joachim Ernst Berendt who was said to have brought in Jazz musicians from all over the world and united them on the stage at the JazzFest.

The JazzFest has been extremely popular, attracting thousands of visitors, both from Germany and from around the world. The start of the new millennium brought the JazzFest into high gear and re-launched the event as a spectacular festival in the year 2000 that showcased many of the world’s great jazz artists like Ruth Weiss.

Dates: Normally November annually.

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