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International Design Festival

Guide to the annual Berlin International Design Festival

The Berlin International Design Festival is an annual event organised by DMY Berlin, which is a design platform that was founded in the year 2003. DMY Berlin is an organisation that was developed by a number of creative thinkers from Berlin who had an ability to recognise and transform various trends in the world of design and culture.

Initially, this festival started out as a small exhibition, which focused on young and upcoming designers who were adept at experimentation. In the recent years however, this Design festivalsmall exhibition has turned into one of the most important events in the design calendar, with many artists, designers and creative thinkers showcasing their talents at the event. This festival mainly attracts people who like to be innovative in their designs and think outside the box.

Every year, the Berlin International Design Festival has a different theme, with past themes including such ideas as “The Sky is Not the Limit” and so on. Many people believe that this design festival in Berlin is a combination of a playground with a serious design lab.
As part of the festival, there are many seminars and workshops conducted by DMY that are focused on various aspects of design. There are also many DJs, video jockeys and live bands who perform throughout the city in order to bring in the feel of a carnival.

Date: June of every year.

Official website: International Design Berlin festival.

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