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Comic Opera Festival Berlin - Komische Oper

Berlin's annual Comic Opera Festival

Every year, the Komische Oper (Comic Opera House) in Berlin hosts celebrates opera in the form of the Comic Opera Festival. The Comic Opera is also called light opera and is of a humorous nature that usually ends happily.
This form of opera was developed in Italy in the 1700s but soon spread to the rest of the world where each country developed its own unique style of performance. The Comic Opera Festival takes place every year in the month of July and lasts for six days during which a different opera is showcased every night. These operas are treated as final nights, and should you miss them, it will probably be the last time you will have the opportunity to see these operas performed at the Komische Oper.
The Komische Oper is located on the site of the Theatre Unter den Linden which was Berlin accommodationbuilt in 1892. The Comic Opera House was opened in this site in the year 1947 and was redesigned in 1967 by Kunz Nuerade. With Viennese baroque style circles in the auditorium and a well preserved grand central staircase as well as extensive copper reliefs in the foyer, the Comic Opera House is the ideal location for this truly magnificent festival.

The Comic Opera Festival hosts a number of shows every season. The festival is generally hosted in the third or fourth week of July and the shows are staged in the evenings.

Opera lovers from around the world are expected to attend this event which has been a success through the years. You can purchase tickets for the annual Comic Opera Festival online or from the venue itself. The ticket prices vary depending on seating choices and the popularity of the opera show that is being hosted.

Location: Komische Oper
Dates: Annually every July
Website: Berlin Oper festival event.

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