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Annual Bugle Mouth Bass Tournament In Berlin

The Annual Bugle Mouth Bass Tournament is a popular event in the annual Berlin calendar and is an event which provides tourist with something different to see. The Mouth Bass Tournament is a great option for people who are fishing enthusiasts and like the thrill of a big catch. The event is conducted at the iconic venue of Riverside Park at the end of July and is normally held on the 31st of July, every year.

Every year, locals and tourists gather at the picturesque Green Lake in Berlin with fishing rods and equipment in tow, to see who can catch the largest Bugle Mouth Bass. Once the fish is caught the participants have to get their catch ‘weighed-in’. The deadline for the weigh-in process is 4 pm and all contestants are required to bring in their fish within Mouth Bass Tournamentthat time.

Apart from the main fishing event, which in itself is a great opportunity for families to spend a day together at the lake, there are plenty of other games and outdoor activities available which children are sure to enjoy. The Riverside Campground is also made available to participants who want to spend the night at the venue.

The Annual Mouth Bass Tournament was initially started with an intention to raise funds for charity and even today all proceeds are donated to the Youth Activities in the Community charity. However, the event’s popularity has transcended its noble beginnings and today attracts families from all across the State.

Location: Green Lake in Berlin

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