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Berlinale - Berlin international Film Festival

Berlinale - Berlin's annual Film Festival, Germany

The Berlinale is a massive cultural event that occurs in February and is one of the most important festivals and markets for the global film industry. Each year, almost twenty thousand movie and film executives come to Berlin from over 100 countries to show their films, win awards and find buyers. Berlinale is not just for filmmakers as the public can also share in the experience of seeing new and exciting films. In the dark month of February, Berlin is resplendent with film stars, glamour, parties and mega deals.

Berlin International Film Festival is Berlin film festivalcommonly referred to as Berlinale and aside from Cannes film festival, France Berlinale is one of the main annual film events in Europe. For movie and film makers the prestigious Golden and Silver Bears awards are much sought after.

Dates: February of each year.
Location: Various locations in Berlin
Official event site: Berlin Film Festival.


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