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Cooking German sausages
German cuisine, while an important part of the overall culture of Germany, is extremely region specific. Depending on what you would like to cook, it is highly likely that you are showing an inclination towards the cuisine of one particular region of Germany, over the others. Munich, for example is famous for its Munchner Weiswurst.

As anyone who has ever made or eaten German food will tell you, the two most popular culinary exports from Germany to this day are sausages and sauerkraut. These two dishes are readily available all across Germany, and can be modified into alternate dishes by the innovative chefs. People take great pride in these prices and from city to city you can taste some different variations.

What most people are unaware of is that German cuisine is extremely versatile. Some of its better kept secrets include a large variety of potato dumplings that are unique to Germany. The potato is also a popular ingredient in salads within Germany. The dressings used in German cuisine, for the various salads that are part of their cuisine are also noteworthy. Learn these recipes and try them for yourself.

Other German dishes that are popular locally as well as globally are Schwenker or Pork Steaks, Spatzle or German noodles and a vast array of delicious pastries. Hasenpfeffer or rabbit stew and the Frankfurter sausage which is, to a large extent, similar to the American version of a frankfurter are also huge favourites with the locals. The country if famous also for Black Forest gateau, a cake come dessert which if you have never ever tasted before, you should if you ever get the chance.

The twentieth century, with its large scale migration of Germans to other countries, has seen a decline in traditional German cooking. However many German chefs tend to blend traditional dishes with other ingredients, creating even more delicious German cuisine to suit the international palate. These are dishes that visitors to Germany are sure to enjoy.

There are a number of cookery and cooking schools in Germany for tourist and these normally range from weekend courses through to week long live-in holidays. Some of these courses mean that you get to make food and in the evenings eat it, washed down by some of the local German beer. Summertime is a great place to be in German, with some amazing lakes, sauna culture and often great weather.

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