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A Visit to the Reichstag in Berlin

The Reichstag Parliament building, Berlin

The Reichstag is one of the most famous institutions in German history, largely due to its association with the Nazis, but the modern day establishment is a popular attraction which has plenty to offer the visitor.

The most famous image of the modern Reichstag building is the see through glass dome which sits proudly at the top of the building and offers fantastic views over the city of Berlin. In the past visitors were able to turn up on the day, queue, and head up to the top dome, Reichstag in Berlinbut in recent days a new policy is in place which dictates that people must book their trip to the dome a full four days in advance of the visit. Access to the dome is until 10pm, with the last visitors asked to leave at midnight. Alongside the dome, the rooftop terrace is also a popular feature of the building as is the restaurant which can be found in the same section.

With regards to touring the inside of the building itself, this is generally not available as the building is a functional government office, but there are special occasions during the year when people can take their children and tour the inner section of this historic structure.
For those interested in learning more about the day to day functions of the Reichstag there is the option to attend talks in one of the chambers, which take place at regular intervals throughout the day. It is necessary to book a place at one of these talks due to their popularity.

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