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Best Berlin bars, pubs and clubs

If you want to sample some of the local brews in Berlin, a visit to one of the city’s pubs is in order.. Some of Berlin’s must visit bars are discussed below:

1. A-Trane International Jazz club - One of the city's best andmost popular jazz clubs (Pestalozzistraße 105).

2. The Saphire Bar - a trendy lounge and bar and great place to be seen in Berlin (Bötzowstraße 31).

Saphire bar in Berlin3. The Victoria Bar on Potsdamer Straße is one of the newer bars and is already very popular (Potsdamer Straße 102).

4. Knaack Club has space for dancing and for playing billiards and is a great place to hang out. (Greifswalder Straße 224).

5. The Bellini Lounge with its own signature drink and a great ambience is one of my favourite Berlin bars.

Best Gay Bars in Berlin

Berlin has a great reputation of tolerance and social acceptance. As such finding a gay bar in Berlin will be quite easy and often travellers will be spoilt for choice. Schoneberg, Motzstrasse, Nollendorf Platz and Fuggerstrasse are areas which have a high density of gay bars. Some of the best gay bars in town are mentioned below.

1. Hafen gay bar Berlin is arguably one of the best bars for the gay community in Berlin, Germany and is a popular joint (Schöneberg).

2. Maxxx Berlin - A very good place for gay patrons in the Fuggerstrasse area of the city.

3. Moebel-Olfe - Located in the Kreuzberg area, and with some excellent music this popular gay and lesbian bar is on Reichenberger Str.

4. Tabasco gay bar - Located in the Fuggerstrasse area and a busy club and one of many people's favourites in the gay community.

5. Cafe Berio - A Massenstrasse located bar very popular with gay drinkers.

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