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Alexanderplatz in Berlin - visitors guide

Located in the central district of Mitte in Berlin, the Alexanderplatz is a big public square and transport centre. It is situated near the River Spree and the popular Berliner Dom and begins from Mollstrabe and extends up to the Spandauer Strabe. While the square was the centre of a cattle market, a visit by the Tzar Alexander caused it to be renamed as Alexanderplatz.

The Alexanderplatz is a popular tourist destination and the buildings surrounding the square are noted for their architectural significance. Amongst these the Fernsehturm is quite renowned and is considered to be the second tallest structure in Europe. Other noteworthy attractions housed within the Alexanderplatz are the Park Inn Berlin and the World Time Clock. The World Time Clock constantly rotates on a central axis and as the name suggests displays the time in various Alexanderplatz in Berlincountries across the world.

Buildings of historical importance including the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) are also situated adjacent to the ‘Alex’, as the plaza is referred to by local residents. There are other attractions located within a 1 kilometre radius of Alexanderplatz; notable amongst these are the Altes Museum, Museum Island and the Palace Bridge.

Tourists looking for accommodation near the area can take their pick from several hotels situated close to Alexanderplatz. The Park Inn Berlin is often preferred due to its unique location within the square. The Alexander Plaza, the Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin, AGON am Alexanderplatz and Lux 11 are other convenient accommodation options for the traveller who wishes to stay close to the square.

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