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There are a number of excellent attractions in Berlin, Germany and these include a choisce of gardens, museums, galleries, monuments and natural sites such as the River Havel which is ideal for a cruise. Below a list of some of the best and a link to their sub-pages:

Berlin Zoological Gardens

The Zoological Gardens are on of the top attractions in terms of visitors and with pandas, polar bears and thousands of other exhibits. this attraction is also easily acessible by foot or via the Metro. Read about the Zoological Gardens...

Guide To The Alexanderplatz In Berlin

The Alexanderplatz is a very popular square and focal point in Berlin and a location most tourist end up stumbling across on tours around Berlin. Learn more about the Alexanderplatz in the Berlin monumentsGerman capital.

Pergamon Museum

Pergamon Museum is a wonderful museum and one cultural tourist should ensure is on the tour list. This is one of Berlin's top museums. Learn more about the Pergamon Museum in Berlin...

Unter den Linden

Despite being a big city, Berlin is a city you can still relax in outside, with some excellent parks and green areas. Unter den Linden is one such place. Learn more about Unter den Linden in Berlin...

If you are planning to stay in Berlin, make sure to check accomodation close to the main museums and also consider being near to one of the transport hubs such as cenral station.

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