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Spandau, Berlin - Locations and area guide

Guide to the Spandau area of Berlin, Germany

Located in the western region of the city of Berlin, the district of Spandau lies along the Havel River and yet stands at the mouth of the River Spree. As a result of having been under several regimes throughout history, including that of the Swedes, the British and Napoleon, to name a few, Spandau now boasts a rich architectural heritage and culture.

Visitors to Spandau will enjoy its picturesque beauty and the old world charm of its wooden buildings. This region is one of the oldest districts in Berlin as is evident in its medieval narrow ands winding streets. Spandau also has a market square and was once the site of a Nazi prison, which was demolished in 1987, upon the death of its last inmate.

The two most popular attractions in Spandau are the Spandau Citadel and the Church of St Nicolai. Tourists who visit this region will find the architecture of the Spandau area of Berlin, Germany very fascinating. The Spandau Citadel is one of the few well-maintained and preserved fortresses from the Renaissance Era in Europe today. Originally designed with Berlin marketsan aim to protect Spandau from enemy forces, the Citadel has, over the years begun serving as a museum which is frequented by tourists all year round. Besides serving as a museum, the Citadel has in the past housed a vocational school and is now immensely popular for being the annual venue of the Citadel Music Festival, which features eclectic and entertaining open-air concerts.

Also popular with tourists is the St Nikolai Church, which has been a part of Spandau since the Middle Ages and is a fine example of the architecture of the time.

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