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Guide to the areas of Berlin, Germany

When traveling to Rome, Italy it can sometimes be confusing to know about the different areas of the city. In this section of sub-pages we look at the main areas of Rome and discuss what each has to other the tourist.

Charlottenburg in Berlin

Charlottenburg is one of the classy areas and located in West Berlin, is popular with tourists as a place to stay and is home to the ICC Convention Centre to Kurfürstendamm. Learn more about Charlottenburg in Berlin.

Mitte in Germany

This area is one of the most popular and is the best for museums and restaurants. More about Mitte in Berlin.

Berlin accommodationPankow in Berlin

Pankow attracts a younger and lively crowd than some of the other areas and also houses some interesting attractions. More about Berlin Pankow...

Berlin Spandau

Spandau attracts a number of visitors for Spandau Citadel and the Church of St Nicolai, but also has much more to see. Learn about the area of Spandau


Is an area many of you will naturally coem across if you do the attractions in Berlin, with the likes of Winterfeldmarkt, a popular market. Learn more about Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

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